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Trade for LJ

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My RBs are Ahman Green, JJ Arrington, Bettis, and Faulk. With Green and JJ stinking it up I am even more worried about my RB situation. I am wondering whether I should try to get LJ or just wait it out. The owner could use some help at WR, but now that Walker is down Driver looks a lot better. I’m trying to figure out what to offer and appreciate any advice. I’ve got bye week issues as both Green and Arrington are out Week 6.


My Team Starters

QB - Brooks

RB - Green, Arrington

WR - Harrison, Bruce, Burleson

TE - Witten

K - Wilkins

DEF - Falcons


My Bench

QB - Warner

RB - Bettis, Faulk

WR - Colbert, Reggie Williams

TE - Baker




His Team Starters

QB - Manning

RB - Chris Brown, Rudi Johnson

WR - Randy Moss, Driver, Lelie

TE - McMichael

K - Elam

DEF - Patriots


His Bench

QB - Griese

RB - LJ, Duckett

WR - Galloway, Givens

TE - Pollard

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wait it out now that the news has come in about this arrest on LJ

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He's got decent WR IMO....You'd be weekening your team to get LJ, who may have legal issues and who could be hit or miss each week if Holmes stays healthy.


If he'd take Bruce or Burleson I might do it. Not a great deal either way in my opion.


Besides he could be starting LJ over Brown.


Good Luck!

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I am still not convienced that LJ is a starter - I hope so, just look at my lineup. If he wouldn't have slapped his girlfriend then he would be hard to get, but there is a lot of uncertainty around him right now.


IMO - If you are a gambler - then try and make the deal



1) Legal trouble

2) Sharing caries - will it continue - Increase or decrease?

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