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Cunning Runt

A small trade may get bigger - Moss/C. Johnson

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I have Shaun Alexander and DeShaun Foster as two of my backs to go with Lamont Jordan, Cedric Benson, and Willie Parker.


Out of the blue an owner offers me Maurice Morris and Mike Williams for DeShaun Foster.


We must start 2 RBS, but can start 3 (or a 3rd receiver, our choice).


He knows I want Morris to insure my #1 draft pick, which I definitely do.


Thought about taking this trade on face, but when I drafted Foster, he was my 5th rd pick - Davis had been pretty much written off until making a strong comeback late into preseason - so I'm not inclined to trade him away just for some insurance. I don't think Mike Williams adds much to the trade. And despite Davis' good week 1 showing, I still think Foster will be the man by mid-season.


That all said, I thought, hmmm, maybe take this up a notch. I suggested that instead of his trade, what about me trading Chad Johnson and either Benson or Foster for Randy Moss and Maurice Morris.


I would get the insurance I want for Alexander plus what I expect will be the top WR point-wise in Moss, and he gets a WR that shouldn't be far behind as well as a likely starter down the road in either Benson or Foster.


Which of those two backs do you think it would hurt the least to lose not just in the short term, but come playoff time as well? Whaddya think of this line of thought? On the mark or horse-sh-t?


I'll hang up and listen to your comments off the air.

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All panther running backs are dreadfull.None will last long. My fav is jamal robertson to be a stud by the end of the year. JMO

I am a homer

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as long as davis is healthy he will be a factor, and foster is not exactly any less of an injury risk, and he's only played in 19 games with only 5 starts since 2002. neither lead the panthers is rushing last season. the way i see it you trade a potnetial injury waiting to happen, and in return cover your 1st round investment, and have a wr with alot of potential upside in williams, plus your not going to play foster ahead of any of the other rbs you have.


as for the second part of the question moss/morris for cj and foster/benson, i would keep benson simple because he is going to get the rock more and more , they did not draft him to watch thomas jones.

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