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To Trade or not to Trade

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My team







FLEX M.Bennett, M.Anderson, KCurtis, Battle



Ravens DST


I give Dillon + Curtis (good flex and a great keeper) + J.Walker (keeper for next year)


I get K.Jones (keeper) + J.Smith (keeper)


Is this a good deal for both sides? His other RB is J.Lewis but he is not loaded at WR...this would hurt him a bit at WR...


How big a drop is it from Dillon to Jones?

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Dude, you trade players like penny stocks.


I'd do this one if I were you. I like Jones just as much as Dillon, and you get a sizeable upgrade at WR. This year is far more important than next year, so I don't view giving up Walker as a big deal even in a keeper league. He's easily relpaceable.


Edit: We need to get some trades going in 4Board! No one ever trades in that league.

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I am not sure that I would do it. I am not yet sold on K. Jones, although the age difference between Dillon and Jones is something to ponder in a keeper league, but I suspect that Dillon is going to be more productive this year that Jones. On the WR front, I see Curtis as being the #2 in StL fairly soon (maybe next year). I don't see much left in the tank for I.Bruce (which is about the same thing that I think about Jimmy Smith - whom I have had for many years). I am just not sure that based on this, that I would give up Javon Walker either.


I would probably pass on this, but I admit that I am a bit on the cautious side. So post me as a "no."

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