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Who's the Underpaid Eagle?

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Paul Domowitch | McNabb underpaid by QB standards?


by Paul Domowitch



THE LIST of Eagles players lobbying for pay raises is sizable. There are Terrell Owens and Brian Westbrook, of course, and David Akers and Hollis Thomas and Tra Thomas. If I missed anybody, please raise your hand.


But the guy who might be the most underpaid player in the Eagles' locker room at the moment is none of the above. It's...


Donovan McNabb?


Don't laugh. Three Septembers ago, McNabb signed a 12-year, $115 million contract that made him the highest-paid player in the NFL. But that was then and this is now.


In the last 16 months, several other members of the NFL Quarterback Club have had Brinks trucks stop by their houses and unload even ridiculously larger piles of money than McNabb got.


The Colts' Peyton Manning signed a 10-year, $98 million deal last year that included a $34.5 million signing bonus.


In May, the Patriots' Tom Brady agreed to a 6-year, $60 million contract extension that included $26.5 million in guarantees.


The Vikings' Daunte Culpepper, who signed a 10-year, $102 million extension only 2 years ago, had his deal redone this summer, running the guaranteed portion of his contract to $22.5 million.


And, oh, yeah. Last year, Michael Vick was given a 10-year, $130 million contract extension that included an unprecedented $37 million guaranteed dollars.


McNabb's deal hardly is shabby. He got a $20.5 million signing bonus. He'll earn $21.3 million in base salary over the next 4 years, compared with $23.4 million for Vick, $16 million for Brady and $14 million for Culpepper.


So, is he underpaid?


"It depends on how you look at it," said an agent for one of the other quarterbacks mentioned above. "Donovan's value to the Eagles goes well beyond merely playing for them. From a marketing standpoint, he's pretty significant to them. He gives them an identity. Thirdly, the way he conducts himself, he's a perfect extension of his head coach, which sets the tone for the rest of the team. Those things add to his value beyond his on-field production. By that standard, is he underpaid? Probably.


"But when he signed the extension, it was a very fair deal, given the risks that each side confronted at the time. The mistake that people make in evaluating these things is they look at a point in time which is frozen. Like today. How do we evaluate it today? But you really have to look at what the risks each side confronted when it was done and the kind of foresight each side had at that particular moment in time, and weigh it over the course of the next few years.


"If you do that, then I don't think [McNabb's contract] is out of whack. He's done well for them, and they've done well for him. I think it was a fair deal when he signed it, and I still think it's a fair deal."


:D Imagine $115 Million and you're underpaid...Sheesh!



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as a lifelong eagles phan---


i think mcnabb is bit overrated....


they are boring to watch....


i would take randall cunningham in his day over mcnabb--- hands down...


randall was exciting....


mcnabb is good---dont get me wrong... but there is no improv-- there is not real consistency... one week he hits their feet....the next he overthrows.... the next week he hits the WR and he is lavished with praise.... he does not have much ability to deviate from the play book... if the play does not work--neither does he...


i dont get it...


as i said i am a 32 year eagle phan... born and raised... but i am bored by this team.... maybe i just dont know how to handle all the attention of having a good team.... since we have sucked for so long....

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i didnt say better-- i said more exciting....


more dynamic...


and i said overrated as well....

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as i said i am a 32 year eagle phan...  born and raised...  but i am bored by this team....  maybe i just dont know how to handle all the attention of having a good team....  since we have sucked for so long....







1 - What do you mean "sucked for so long"? Unless I am wrong, with the exception of a few years, the Eagles have been a competitive team more then not.


2 - Why would you be bored with a winning team?


3 - Randall had arguably one of the best defenses of all time and more offensive weapons then McNabb ever had (until the last two years) and he could never win the big games. Granted Cunningham had more flash, but McNabb is the better QB .

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How many times did Cunningham take them anywhere? Id easily take production and results over "excitement".

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