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McNabb/Lefty and DD/LJ discussions

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There were two fairly decent threads last week about whether to bench McNabb for Leftwich, and whether to bench DD for LJ. I tried to make a lucid, valid arguement for both Lefty and LJ.


In hindsight, someone should have just slapped me in the head.


D-Mac is the man :D

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Lefty should have been able to post numbers against the Colts. The offense just could not get in gear. McNabb was banged up a bit, albeit he had a great matchup. If you benched McNabb because you were concerned about the injury, it's a valid benching. If not ASYS :D


Same can be said for D. Davis. Tough matchup, but they were talking all week about getting him more involved in the offense, so you knew he'd get the touches. With LJ you knew he'd get 10 touches or so. Touches usually = fantasy points, regardless of matchup.


Obviously hindsight is 20/20, and there are never any guarantees, but the ASYS theory is a pretty good rule of thumb and will not let you down too often. You didn't draft Domanick Davis in the first round to sit him on your bench when he was playing a tough defense, did you?

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