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Trade for B. Griese or pick up E. Manning

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Went RB RB and waited to draft QB until late in the draft. 16 team league so there's not alot available in the FA market. Mistake one: Listened to all they hype and drafted JJ Arrington as my second RB. Ouch! Mistake two: Figured a guy w/ a great RB and three straight 1st round WR would have a breakout season and drafted Joey Freakin Harrington. DUH! I did pick up Shipp. Here's my roster








B. Jacobs



G. Lewis





Option one: Start Losman this week and hope Harrington figures it out.


Option two: Drop Losman, pick up E. Manning and hope Harrington figures it out.


Option three: Trade Harrington and Shipp for B. Griese. Improvement at QB (high scorring performance league, 1 point for every 10 yards passed, received, or ran), I like TB's balance and w/ the great D, the ball should be in the O's hands enough. Problem is if I trade Shipp I'll have to start Henry or Jacobs. I'd get to keep Arrington and maybe he'll be used later in the year.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Drop Losman and pickup Eli Manning AND trade Harrington and Shipp for Griese. Be done with all of them.


If you only do one, then just drop Losman and pickup Manning.

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Oh, I forgot to add, Tim Rattay is also available.







give it up when you find yourself saying this.



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No Dilfer or Bledsoe available?


If not ... trade Harrington for any warm body while someone else is willing to take him off your hands, even if it costs you Shipp to do so.


BTW, BUF plays OAK week7 when TBB is off, so if there ever was a day to play Losman, that's probably it.

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