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Depressed Value

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I was wasting time at work looking at all the possible trades that would work for me, but not totally screw the other team. Starting with the 0-2 teams because 0-3 is very difficult to come back from in a 13 week season.


Since I want to trade from my strength, RB, I look to see how I can improve my weaknesses, WR and TE. I see something that catches my eye: A Johnson and T Heep (of course this guy has Culpepper and weak RBs). So I'm thinking 2 for 1. Here's why I am asking for opinions:


Can you tell if a guy completely lost it in two weeks, or if he is going to rebound?


I know both of these players have QB issues, but they have been playing catch up and throwing the ball, at least. Johnson has a new OC, who has to try something to shake it up (three WR sets, three and five step drops, screens, something). He has the physical skills, he is still young, and there has been no injury. I am concerned because of his second half last year was a harbinger to the first two weeks this year. But HOU schedule does get better the rest of the year.


Heep is doing OK so far, but he is a top 6 talent. He appears to be 100% healthy.


Granted, both of these teams have pre-season top 10 RBs, but the running games have been equally futile.


There is no way that this kind of talent is on the WW (unless someone drops them, or if they are completely unproven like Edwards or Troupe). But these guys have produced in the past. That is why I might take a shot.


Just curious about what others think about trading for slumping players.



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yeah, i'll trade for slumping players. i'm definitely not the type to overpay for someone that got off to a good start. I'm curious to see what the price of Willie Parker is right now?


but I'm picky as to who to target for any stupid reason I see. Like Heap I wouldn't mind if the price wasn't high. But I wouldn't go out of my way for him. I'd rather go for Mason since Wright seems to lock onto a WR (Marcus Robinson few years back). Jamal Lewis is another Raven I'd want. I can't erase 2000 yds from my mind, he'll produce, I have no worries about him.


Culpepper I'd worry about. He's still a pretty good QB despite all the turnovers. Minnesota just needs to whip up on the division. So he might come around. I had him in 2003 where he set the NFL record for fumbles. He still was good, but no where near what he could be (2004). This might be another 2003 I think.

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