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1 pt per 10yrds rec/rush, 6pt TDS


Start 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1K, 1DEF


My Roster


QB - Vick, Brooks, Dilfer

RB - LT, D. McCallister, W. Parker, S. Davis, K. Jones,

WR - Burleson, Coles

TE - Heiden, Clark

P - Wilkins

Def Panthers



I picked up RB's early this year because of all the injuries last year. Im waiting for other league members to come to me for backs. SOmeone wants LT and will give me Palmer and Gates for him. I plan on holding LT.



C. Pep seems to suck so far, Should I keep Burleson? or drop him?


The waiver wire has Engram, T. Brown, T. Taylor


I was thinking of picking up Engram because he seems to be getting alot of looks.


As for my TE, Heiden is getting alot of looks and CLark did nothing last week?



What do you think? Drop Burleson, or drop a TE to get another WR?



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Drop the TE (Clark). B/U TE's have no value and eventually C-Pep and Burleson will recover. Plus you don't want someone else in your league getting Burleson for free. Engram is a pretty good choice and his schedule is getting easier.

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I'd wait a bit to see what comes of the mayo clinic visit Burleson is on right now. I've heard 4-6 weeks if its worse than the initial prognosis. Ya gotta cut Dallas a bit of slack - starting the season with a concussion would cut into anyones numbers. Let him get healthy and then decide (I do like Heiden as this point as well).


Sit tight for a day or two and the decision may be made for you.

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