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QB - Carson

RB - Deuce McAllister, Edge

WR - Holt, Branch

TE - Todd Heap

K - Ryan Longwell

Def - Eagles



QB - Leftwich

RB - Arrington, Duckett, Henry

WR - Rod Smith, Coles

TE - Steve Heiden

Def - Jets



Any suggestions on how i can improve my team??


10 team league

25 passing yds/ 1pt

10 rush/receiving yds/ 1pt

1 td/ 6pts

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You have a decent team -- but not a lot of trade bait. With Arrington stalled, he's got little value. Duckett & Henry aren't real attractive compared to who you'd want to upgrade this team. I think you hold tight until Arrington breaks through and then deal him. Improvement might come through a seance to get Deuce and Edge into the endzone -- and prayers that Balt finds a QB who has met Heap!!!

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If Heiden does well again this week, and Lefty plays well, then you might be able to pakage those 2 with Arrington to an owner that is 0-3 for a good WR.




Your in a tough spot. The only upgrade I think you need is at WR I just don't like NE WR's they are a homerun or a strikeout.


But you don't want to trade Palmer, James, Holt, or Deuce, so I don't know what you will be able to get for anybody else. If Heiden does well again he may be worth something.


IMO, holdout this week, ride your team and look to trade to the 0-3 team next week, he will be in a panic and ready to make a move.

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