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I am in need of some wr help. I feel I am pretty deep at rb and qb to make this deal.

Please see my signature for my whole team.



This is what I was thinking.



I was going to offer Bulger,Moulds,RBrown for

Cupepper,J Smith, J Bettis



The only reason I have the Brown and Bettis deal is because I think that would close the deal as he is hurting at rb..



OR should I just offer the qb and wr or does this deal stink all together.


Bettis and Brown will never touch my lineup in case of injury also I could dump Bettis for like a F Gore.



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I don't like the trade because Bulger and the pass happy Rams"I have S.Jackson :D "are gonna get better as the year goes on......Culpepper lost his Offensive coach and best WR, Not Nate, that Moss guy they so desperately wanted to get rid of? Lately Cpep looks like a fraud but we will see......I stay away from any trade that involves him period.

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