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No EZ Love!

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Right now my WR core sucks and can't find the endzone. Who has the best match ups in week 4?


I need a better WR and another owner has some interest in a trade for Harrison. What would be a package for his?


Here is my team with stardand scoring.


QB: Bulger, McNair

RB: E James, K Jones, C Williams, D Staley, C. Taylor

WR: A Johnson, D Driver, J Porter, E Kennison, Terry Glenn

TE: Gonzo, J Stevens

K: Elam, Longwell

Def: IND, KC



Here is his line up.


QB: Culpepper, Brooks

RB: A Green, C Martin, M Bennett, DeShaun Foster, T Henry, TJ Duckett

WR: Harrison, Clayton, R Williams, Mason, Galloway

TE: Shockey, D Graham

K: Akers, Shayne Graham

Def: Bal, Minn


Any idea's would be great?



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I dont see you with anything to offer.


You might be able to give him K Jones and A Johnson for Harrison??


You might want to sit tight for now.

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I don't think you're lined up well for a trade with this team; I don't see anything that you're able to give up that would be a major help to him (enough to give up Harrison). Anyone else in the league?

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