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Slow Cooked Babyback Ribs

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Wow, I have been following your guys advice for a couple years now with good results. But for some reason I missed this. In the past I have removed the membrane, rubbed with mustard, and put the dry rub on the night before and let them sit. Then its 2 in the smoker mopping every 20 minutes to half hour, 2 in the foil with the mop, and 1 on higher heat with the sauce.


Everyone raves about them. But after several smoking sessions I feel I have to tweek something. I am not saying they are dry, but i feel they could be more moist. This may be the reason. Thanks for the heads up!


Looks like I'm smoking this weekend.


If you are putting them in the foil, put the ribs in back side up.

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For me, I would never boil them. Just my personal preference. IMO, if you are going to do ribs correctly, take the time and do it right, which means slow cooking. Of course it all depends on your equipment.


It sounds like you are doing pretty good for using a gas grill. Some suggestions for the gas grill users:


1. Take a cookie sheet and fill with water. Place this on the grill rack closest to the heat source. Then put your ribs on the grill rack the farthest possible distance away from the heat source.


2. Get some wood chips/chunks. Soak them in water for several hours before you grill. Then take some heavy duty aluminum foil and break off a piece approximately 18" long. Put some wood chips in the middle and fold the foil up. Poke some holes at each end, then lay the foil DIRECTLY on your heat source. This will create the "smoke" you need to add to the flavor of the ribs. I HIGHLY recommend apple wood for this, though you can also use hickory or oak.


3. Sometimes we will do the 2/1/1 method of cooking babybacks. This means 2 hours on the grill/smoker, then wrap in foil for 1 hour, then unwrapped for the last hour. That one hour in the foil really keeps the moisture in. Then that last hour you add your BBQ sauce. I would NOT add sauce any sooner than that: most times the sugar in the sauce will burn on the ribs, which creates that charred crust on the outside of the ribs.


4. Arthur Bryant's is a good rub. You may want to grab some BBQ cookbooks from the bookstore and make your own rubs. You can really get some different and distinct flavors, plus it is a heck of a lot more fun to experiment with different spices and will help you understand what each flavor can do. Also, DO NOT apply your rub until about 20 minutes before grill time. The spices in rub tend to try out the meat if you try to marinate overnight with it, and you honestly do not really gain any penetration into the meat overnight. By rubbing it shortly before, the spices are more vibrant on the meat, IMO.


The thing about smoking and grilling is this: the journey is equally as rewarding as the destination.




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1) Wash ribs and apply a home made rub on them.

2) Put the ribs on the grill but off to the sides of the flame. Heat is on low after I preheat to 450 or so.

3) Put in chips after soaking.

4) Cook on low for 3 hours.

5) Wrap and seal the ribs in foil and adding a little apple juice. Cook for 30 minutes.

6) Remove ribs and place back on rack. Apply BBQ sauce every 5 minutes for at least 30 minutes.


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Been doing babybacks alot lately. I've tried a couple of different options. I've tried to reduce my cooking temp to right around 200 but go longer on the smoker: about 6 hours. I've been trying to perfect a "competition style rib", where the meat still hangs on the bone.


Been toying with the idea of entering some competitions here. The flavor of my ribs are really good: just need to work on the texture. When I foil them they tend to turn out too moist, which is a no-no for the competitions.


For the comps you are basically cooking ribs, brisket, pork shoulder, and chicken. I'm pretty solid on ribs, shoulder, and chicken. The brisket is one I haven't done much of but need to start practicing.


If anyone has some good brisket techniques I'm all ears.

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