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Are 2 of these IPDs worth a 3rd rounder?

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You keep 3 offensive players for free, and any after that you give up 1 pick. However you can opt to keep 2 defensive players at the cost of your 3rd round pick.


Offense scoring is standard, with bonuses for breaking 100 yards rushing & recieving and 300 passing. And bonuses for 50+ rushing TDs, and 60+ recieving yards.


Defensive is as follows-

Defensive Fumble Recovery TD - 9pts

Fumble Recovery from Opponent - 3pts

Forced Fumbles - 3pts

Interceptions Caught - 5pts

Passes Defensed - 3pts

Blocked Field Goal - 7pts

Defensive Tackle - 1pt

Defensive Assist - .5pts

Sack - 6pts

Defensive Touchdown - 7pts


Defensive Roster:


Fisher, Bryce

Kerney, Patrick

Smith, Will


Edwards, Donnie

Peterson, Julian

Sharper, Jamie


Lucas, Ken

Mathis, Rashean


Posted this in advice, but was told I'd get better help here.


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6 pts for a sack, I like Will Smith but not for 3rd round pick.

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Will Smith and Donnie Edwards would be my two. And thats if i understood it right. 2 players for a 3rd round pick. If that is the case i would do it for them two.

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