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Here are some simple suggestions to help get you the answers you are looking for:


* Include at least the basics about your league’s scoring system, i.e. performance or TD-only, do RB’s & WR’s get points per reception, etc.


* What are the starting lineup requirements and/or options, i.e. do you have multiple "flex" positions to consider, or is a TE required in your league?


* When listing players that you may be deciding between as potential starters for the week, include those players' NFL opponents.


* Provide some of the reasons why you may be leaning towards starting one player over another at a given position, i.e. better match up, possible injury, perceived hot streak, poor weather conditions, etc.


* List all of your options at a given position when asking for advice on starting or benching a given player.


* When asking about possible trades, list the key players on your roster and your proposed trading partner’s roster, along with any roster restrictions and/or requirements. Is it a keeper, dynasty or re-draft league? Are there any special league rules regarding taxi squads, injured reserve lists, etc.


* Looking for help with draft picks? Provide how many teams are in your league, what draft slot you have and if it’s a serpentine draft format, along with most of the other information noted above, such as scoring system and keeper rules (if any), as well as roster/starting lineup requirements.


* Do not post the same question multiple times. If it moves down the first page without responses, just bump it back to the top, if it's a good question, it will get answered.


* Do not post "will answer yours", it's just annoying.


* Some helpful acronyms:

SIMTT = Should I Make This Trade

WDIS = Who Do I Start

ASYS = Always Start Your Studs

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