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$20 IDP League forming

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Announcing the Inaugural Season of the Mid Atlantic Invitational IDP Fantasy Football League!


10 teams, $20 entry fee, no commish fees.


To sign up:

League ID: 11038

PW: giants


Prefer serious owners who would consider making this a keeper league (vote at the end of the season).


Personal: 3rd year FF player, 1st year as commish. Giants fan, 35 years old. League headquarters: Elkton, MD.


Join my league! It will be a blast!




Annoying :D:D:D:D

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For those who just can't get enough action, I'm starting a $20 IDP league on Fox. I'm a second year IDP player and would like to recrcuit some Huddlers who know the IDP game and make this a pretty competitive league.


Details here: :D


Thanks for looking!



Welcome to the IDP Forum and good luck filling your league...please feel free to chime in on the IDP BOW threads and with any other stuff you want(relating to IDP that is)

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