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Our League is looking for 2-3 (experienced) additional owners

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Our League is looking for 2-3 (experienced) additional owners.


Redraft (1-season) format, picks, 11-14 teams, $155, You can LIVE ANYWHERE.

Yeah we're playing for money, sure! But the pride of winning (and trying) is the focus.

This is an ACTIVE & INTENSE league. We are willing to try cutting edge stuff...if it's good.


DRAFT is a series of mini-sessions (of 1-3 hrs eves/weekends) spanning Aug28->Sep10.

For each session, you have the choice to either pick in real-time, or pre-seed at your leisure using MFL's tools.


Start 16 players: 1 qb, 2 rb, 4 rec, K, teamD, 6 IDP, coach

Roster size only low-mid 20s, making pickups active & important.

Pickups use a blend of FAAB, pick slots, and 1stCome1stServed.

Regular season is 12 weeks of "All Play" (simultaneous head-head).

Just 4 teams make the 'big' playoffs (13-16) using "double-week" stats. (reducing luck)

Yet most of the rest *still* have a shot at 3rd place -- everyone plays 17 meaningful weeks.


Rules are detailed -- we want everyone on the same page.

League is in 3rd year in current format -- but the thread of players dates back 5-12 years.


R.X.F.L. website:


:Commish Dana, Da Bronx NY, 347-224-7934

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We now have 11, looking for 2 more.

Check this out if you want a very competetive and experienced league.

Limited luck factor and a great format.

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