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2 LB's, same team

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I have Greenway, EJ Henderson, Vilma, Pierce, Fujita, and Daryl Smith as my LB''s the week 1 scoring:


Greenway, Chad MIN LB

2.00 1 Forced Fumbles

8.00 4 Tackles

6.00 6 Assists

16.00 Subtotal


Pierce, Antonio NYG LB

16.00 8 Tackles

16.00 Subtotal


Vilma, Jonathan NYJ LB

4.00 2 Tackles

4.00 4 Assists

8.00 Subtotal


Fujita, Scott NOS LB

1.00 1 Passes Defensed

16.00 8 Tackles

1.00 1 Assists

18.00 Subtotal


Henderson, E.J. MIN LB

14.00 7 Tackles

1.00 1 Assists

6.00 2.0 Sacked a QB

21.00 Subtotal


Smith, Daryl JAC LB

14.00 7 Tackles

14.00 Subtotal


Would it ever make sense for me to run Greenway and EJ together? Obviously it would have this week, but is this a decent strategy or should I try to avoid to LB's from the same team...


also, should I bench Vilma for the foreseable future?

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