McFadden fumbling

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Last year he had 3 fumbles on 113 carries.


This year he already has 4 on 41 carries.


I didn't see the Denver game - did any of these involve botched handoffs? What's going on with this guy? It doesn't seem like he should be tired from over-use, but I didn't see the last game -- is he just trying to do too much in situations where he should go down instead?


With Bush and Fargas both available I'm concerned that he'll start losing carries.


In college he never fumbled in close to 800 carries:


Stats Overview Rushing Receiving Fumbles


2005 176 1113 6.3 70 11 14 52 3.7 12 0 0 0

2006 284 1647 5.8 80 14 11 149 13.5 70 1 0 0

2007 325 1830 5.6 80 16 21 164 7.8 57 1 0 0

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Botched handoffs are always attributed to the QB not the RB. I don't think the percentage of his touches will decrease but I don't see him having a high number of carries or a Y.P.C above 4.0 because no team is going to respect the pass. Then they're constantly puting themselves in bad "and long" situations that isn't conductive to running the ball, they're third in offensive penalties and I expect them to to be king of the hill soon enough.


I'm more concerned that he's a Raider. No doubt the guy has skill but that offense has zero consistency to get a RB like him going. Yeah he may have a few good games but good luck trying to figure out when it's going to happen. Unless something huge clicks, and I don't see that happening, it's going to be a long year for Raider Nation.

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In one league (PPR) I had Slaton/Mcfadden running to start the year. Before week 3 I basically traded Bowe for Kevin Smith straight up, and the reason was to send McFadden to the pine. You just cannot rely on Raiders at this point (Smith injury better not be serious lol).


The fumble inside the 10 yard line was a back-breaking play. I think he's trying to do too much. When I drafted McFadden Garcia was still on the roster, so I thought competent QB play would be there to help the RBs....wrongo.


Griff is correct, botched handoffs always go to the qb.

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