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2-Week Outlook

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Just an idea...


How about a weekly article which looks ahead 2 weeks to plant some ideas about who to pick up to cover bye weeks. For example, last week, I was able to drop a non-performer for the SEA D, preparing for this week and MIN's bye. Obviously, I have NO idea if that is a good pickup or not until after Sunday, but the SEA D seems to be better at home, and DET struggled all season, before they lost to my Rams. Instead of clamoring for the "hot" WW pickup, I think I'm set for the week, one week in advance. (I did drop Knox for Floyd on Tuesday though - might be considered a "hot" WW pickup.)


I also realize not everybody will be able to drop a player for a potential 2-week out play. But I bet many FFL'ers will be able to at some point during the season.

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