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Sugar Bowl stories

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First off they are way more Bearcats than Gators in the streets of NO. More vocal and drunk they will hve a decidely edge in the noise of the dome. Florida has them beat hands down though in the fine women department. :D


Ran into some Gator fans, they workship Tebow, who in the span of 20 min or so of talking these were the main points that stuck out. He bought a ticket to the game for his 5 yr old son, because he wanted him to be able to say he saw the greatest college player aka as God play his last college game. And very few people know this, but he did, that it's already in the works that the Fins are going to draft Tebow in the first round and they will run the wildcat all the time because that Henne fellow sucks. :D


And now the miracle. I have 200/20 and 100/20 eyesight today I was around the dome when the Gator buses pulled up to drop of the players for practice. so I pull up and start watching them unload, Tebow gets off, he has a golden light surrounding his head. He looks my way and smiles, suddenly everything gets blurry, I take off my glasses and rub my eyes. I see perfectly fine now without glasses. I have seen the God known as Tebow.


One of these stories has been stretched a little and I repeat only one. :wacko:

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Congratulations on your miraculous improvement in vision.


Thank you and I now understand your worship in Tebow.

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