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Super Sized Big Ten

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I guess Missouri really messed up their chances least I remember hearing about that. I need to do some research to the merit that they were on their way in, but jumped the gun.


Nebraska is as solid of an add as you could get - compares favorably to when Penn St. came in, and as they are keeping annual rivalries in tact, I understand that Penn St. will play Nebraska every year.


Given everything, I think the Big Ten has done a great job with the whole process. It has my stamp of approval which is worth about 2 cents, but it's still there. Nebraska is a great fit, and it's a good fit for them, after being treated like 2nd class citizens by the Big 12 for the better part of the last decade in terms of revenue sharing etc etc. Kudos to them for getting out of a crappy situation, where you're the program arguably with the most tradition in the conference, they act like they don't even want you there.

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Pretty funny that after all of the talk of Mega Conferences and a total change in the entire dynamics of college football, the whole thing boiled down to the fact that Nebraska was tired of getting pasted by UT.


Here is to 1-9-0 being imortalized for ever this year.



an overinflated sense of ego here. typical whorn. (i live in Houston, so I know this is REALLY how longhorn fans are)


to the point of the actual post, im happy to be out of the big 12 north and into the big 10 conference. we have a BRUTAL schedule the next 2 years but it should make for almost every saturday being must-watch-exciting.

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