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OK, this is not my league, just joined at the last minute and it's the first time I've played IDP. To be honest, I'd think you should either go all in and start multiple guys at multiple positions or just go with team D. We have a team D and a token IDP player with, what I've been told, is light scoring). Whatever.

Tackle Solo 1

Tackle Assist 0.5

Sack 2

Interception 3

Fumble Force 2

Fumble Recovery 2

Defensive Touchdown 6

Safety 2

Pass Defended 1

Block Kick 2


As a result, I just grabbed P Willis in the draft because he's a stud and I'm a Niner fan. Our benches are short so I had to waive him this week to grab someone to play during his bye. My inclination is to pick him back up, despite the fact that there's plenty of guys ahead of him, namely George Wilson. The other guys ranked near the top haven't had their bye yet, so their stats are unfairly high and I'd also have to deal with them again in the next few weeks anyway.


Am I over-thinking this? Should I just re-sign my boy and call it a day? Or do you think a guy like Wilson will be better down the stretch? I currently have Sean Lee, so technically, I'm cool the rest of the year. That said, I effing hate the Cowboys and only even have their kicker because I get special joy in watching them fail in the red zone and have to resort to 3.

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In a league that uses just 1 IDP and especially with scoring as lite as yours, you do one of two things. Grab a guy and run with him each and every week or you grab a guy off the waiver wire and play matchups weekly. Willis and Lee are the kind of players you can just plug and play if that is the route that you decide to go. So is George Wilson for that matter.


Oh and once byes start you would be better served looking at PPG rather than total points scored.


edit: I will say that I pretty much agree with you on the go all in or don't go at all...While many might see starting 1 IDP is at least a start, I see it as a chance to sour guys on it because there will be so much value on the WW.....what I would ask the league is how they would feel starting just 1 RB or WR....that is if they say they don't like IDP...would help to show how bad an idea it is to start just one...also scoring tends to be an afterthought for many leagues...they shouldn't be afraid to have IDPs score up there with offensive players.

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