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In my 12 team redraft league we only start 1 DB. I currently have L Landry, but I just noticed that Chung is still on the WW. Should I drop Landry and go with Chung the rest of the way or just hold on to Landry since the WAS offense is getting worse and Landry could be on the field a lot for the rest of the season?



Here's my leagues scoring system:


1.5 pts per Solo

0.5 pts per assist

3 pts per sack

3 pts per INT

2 pts per FF

2 pts per FR

6 pts per TD

4 pts per safety

1 pt per pass defended

4 pts per blocked kick

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Landry is a top S in the NFL. Chung is in the bottom tier as far as overall rating goes. But when you look at FF numbers, Chung is very intriguing as the Patriot backfield is reeling. They are starting Rookie DB's and from a safety standpoint, Chung is in line to give plenty of support to them in the line of tackles/assists.


No way I start Chung over Landry in real life. FF, however, you have an interesting opportunity on your hands. I would try to deal Landry, hoping somebody will bite on the name and not realize he is not a high scoring S.

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