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Looking for a Olymipic "game" to play at work for all employees.

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We have about 10-11 employees that usually participate in pools like; NFL playoffs, NCAA Boards, MAsters stuff... I am wondering if anybody has a good Game/pool or something we can do with the Summer Games?


I was thinking of drawing a country and making them "your home country" for the games and keep track by medal count or soemthing? Other ideas?

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Check this out:


Although it would be tempting to load up your team with swimmers or sprinters, to provide a truer Olympic representation and stoke your interest throughout the Games -- including during the garbage events such as team dressage -- follow these guidelines:

• Pick three athletes from track and field (including the marathon), with at least one athlete from the field events.

• Pick two swimmers/divers.


• Pick one gymnast.

• Pick one boxer.


• Pick three athletes from all the other sports, though you can pick only one athlete from each discipline, and your picks must include a wrestler (Greco-Roman or freestyle, not that you could tell the difference) or a weightlifter.

• Pick one team from men's or women's basketball, men's or women's volleyball, men's or women's soccer, baseball, softball or team handball.

• You must have at least three non-American athletes on your team.



[+] Enlarge



AP Photo/Miguel Villagran

Misty May-Treanor, left, and Kerry Walsh are near-locks for Olympic gold -- but that only counts as one gold in fantasy Olympics.





Scoring: Every individual gold medal is worth five points. Every silver medal is worth three points. Every bronze is worth one point. Every team gold medal is worth 10 points, every team silver is worth five points and every team bronze is worth two points.

Note: For our purposes, any pairs event, such as beach volleyball or synchronized swimming, is considered an individual competition with only a single medal counted. But if you have multiple athletes on a relay team, count each medal. Also, a gymnast's medal in the team competition counts as an individual medal.

Bonus points: If your athlete winds up on the Wheaties box, you receive 10 points. If your athlete makes the cover of Sports Illustrated, Time, Newsweek or ESPN The Magazine before the Olympic torch is extinguished, you get five extra points. If your athlete is a flag bearer in the closing ceremonies, you get two points. If your athlete makes a public protest about Tibet or Darfur, you get one point.

Oh, and be very careful with your picks -- every athlete busted for doping will cost you five points.

Obviously, Michael Phelps would be the No. 1 pick in any draft. But don't fret, there are several other multiple medalists. (Don't overlook Phelps' teammate Ryan Lochte or Australia's Grant Hackett and Libby Trickett.) Also, do your homework to see which swimmers and sprinters will compete on the relay teams, for which you could double your points.


Full information here, including a sample team:

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Some friends and I did a similar thing with the Tour de France and it was pretty fun. Chavez almost won the thing. May have to look into this.

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Thanks! We will try something along these lines.


Not traditional "team building" but it does keep us communicating, even if it is Smack talk...


Thanks again.

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