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Current Team

Brady, Romo

Lynch, Forte, Hillman, M Bush

Harvin, Wayne, Wallace, Lloyd

Pettigrew, Keller




Right now I have Brady, Forte, Lynch, Wayne penciled in.


I have a claim in for Myers who i shoudl get for my TE spot, my question is, what would you do at WR and FLEX. Obviously Harvin is banged up and Wallace probbaly has Batch throwing to him and Lloyd plays Thursday so I am thinking I should just play lloyd in case harvin does not play. I also have a claim in for D. Alexander, not sure if i will get him or not.

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Lynch, Forte

Wayne, Wallace

Hillman or Lloyd

What about Garrett Scott with Houston. I'm hearing with daniels still slightly hurt and the 3 day turnaround, he might have another big game.


I love me some harvin (I actually have him in a PPR league), but they are going against Chi and I think tillman is going to be up his butt hard. I just don't see him having a big game.

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I'm not opposed to Scott but Myers is the guy right now and the future and hes been havign some good games. the way they will eb throwing the ball, i think he is safe.

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