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Wtd Avg Projections Spreadsheet 2013 - GR.2

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Now available is the 2013 Wtd Avg Projections Spreadsheet General Release #2. As a follow-up to the 2013 GR.1 file, this updated edition includes revised/updated projections from one FF website, and also adds 2 new sets of projections not available at the time of the GR.1 release in June. In addition, team fantasy depth charts have been updated, as has the player consistency data.


Here is the download link to the 2013 site: download link.


After using the link above to navigate to the download site, right-click on each file to download, or select the desired files by using the appropriate checkbox, then download as a bundle; please be sure to DOWNLOAD the files only, do not attempt to unzip and/or open the files while on the download site. Once the file(s) have been downloaded to your local computer, unzip the GR.2 file and open with Excel. Note - the original GR.1 file is also available at this same download location, please be sure to select the GR.2 file if you are looking for the most recent edition only.


As a reminder, please review the Release Notes tab after downloading & extracting the data file; see also the original '2013 GR.1' release notification post (link below) for additional background information:


2013 GR.1 release thread


Finally - it is possible that there will be one more general release of the Spreadsheet for 2013, perhaps near the end of August, but there is no guarantee as of this writing, and any third GR update that does become available may be limited in scope depending on my schedule & the amount of time I have to work on various updates.

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