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Need some members to fill a Pool 33. Check it out!

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Maybe you heard about Pool 33 and maybe you haven't.


If you have, bear with me and if you haven't here's the scoop.


Pool 33 is so easy, its almost scary.


Prior to the beginning of the Regular Season a different NFL Team is randomly assigned to you for each Week of the Season , (each Participant will have a Bye Week) and should the NFL Team you have for the Week scores exactly 33 Points you win the amount in the Progressive Jackpot which is increased by $33 each week that there is no winner.


Yep, that right. There's no draft, there's no Player Moves and your involvement is almost nil. (Pretty much like The SpitBowl)

Once I get all the spots filled we will pay the Entry Fee thru PayPal. Can't use LeagueSafe because they don't allow mid-season payouts. I'll let you know when and and how.


Additionally, I will use an online random generator to place each Participant in a row. The NFL Team boxes are all set.


There are two things you have to do (prior to the start)

  • Choose a funny, weird or unusual Player's Name (past or present) for your moniker and
  • Pay a $20 Entry Fee


So far twenty one (out of 32) NFL Player names have been claimed (FCFS):

  • I.M. Hipp
  • Lucious Pusey
  • Goose Gonsoulin
  • Fair Hooker
  • John David Booty
  • Lofa Tatupu
  • Icky Woods
  • Captain Munnerlyn
  • DeJuan Tribble
  • Dick Butkus
  • Chris Fuamatu-Ma'Afala
  • C.J. Ah You
  • Richie Icognito
  • Tom Fears
  • Sneeze Achiu
  • Kirby Dar Dar
  • Ashton Youboty
  • Hokie Gajan
  • Emery Moorehead
  • Tshimanga Biakabutuka
  • Frostee Rucker


If you do a Google Search on "Funny NFL Players Names" there's a bunch more that will crack you up.

Once you do the above two items, all you have to do is keep tabs on your NFL Team for the week to see if you are a winner.

Like I said - Easy.


If you would like a spot respond here

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Only spot remains (11th hour drop-out)


Your 1st chance at the money starts this Thursday.


Come join the party!


Check it out HERE and E-Mai me.


And be sure to check me out at the MFL Message Board where I am most active.

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