Ranking inside: Sacks allowed per pass attempt

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This is a rankings list, most to least, of what teams allow the most sacks per pass attempt. I simply divided pass attempts by sacks taken.

The number next to each team is avg pass attempts per game, to help discern the strength of each ranking spot.

SF for example is 6th, but are only throwing it 24.6 times a game, you are better off going after lower ranked JAX who throw it 36 times a game.


OAK 30.4

MIA 36.8

NYJ 31.2

PIT 37.7

SEA 26.5

SF 24.6

JAX 36.3

CAR 30.1

BUF 35.1

BAL 38.4

PHI 32.6

KC 35

CLE 41

TEN 32.7

NE 37.8

AZ 35.2

GB 34.9

HOU 39.7

IND 35.4

STL 34.9

TB 35.6

MIN 34.1

CIN 38.3

NYG 37

DAL 37

NO 40.3

WAS 38.4

SD 36

ATL 41

CHI 37.2

DEN 41.3

DET 41.4

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