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Rate My Pastries: Thoughts on First Donuts of 2014?

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First "real" draft of the season, join me in chewing on it if you'd like .. Standard scoring (non-ppr), 10 team snake, I picked 5th (which my mocks showed was likely my least favorite spot).


1=QB: Stafford, Rivers

2=RB: Lacey, Bernard, CJohnson, Sankey, West

3=WR: Green, Maclin, Colston, Watkins, TAustin

1=TE: VDavis

1=DEF: Cincy

1=K: Crosby


Can Colston be a WR3?

Can Bernard be a RB2?

I took flyer on West (thinking he might surpass Tate?) with LMiller, Woodhead now sitting on wire ..

I took flyer on TAustin (hoping he emerges?) with Dobson, Wheaton now sitting on the wire ..

Went with Cincy over Carolina and NE after 5 others taken (Sea,SF,Hou,StL,KC) ..

Chose Crosby late after the run on Kickers ..

Would have passed on VDavis, but he reported to camp just in time ..


Thoughts on the 2014 Crullers?

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I really like this. Bernard is a plenty capable RB2 and Colston is severely underrated. The only thing I really don't like is V Davis. Never been a fan of Vernon. Other than that, I assume Luck was available when you took Stafford whom I rate very closesly but I give a slight edge to Luck. Really solid draft though.

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