Did My Computer Crash?

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Forgive my ignorance but just don't know a lot about computer. I have a Dell that's probably 6 years old. Yesterday it began running real slow. My wife cleaned some stuff up and it appeared to be running ok. Then all of a sudden the screen went blank, nothing but a black screen and we were getting a beeping noise. I tried numerous times to shut it down and restart and the same thing, blank screen and beeping. This morning it appeard for just a second that it was going to start ok and then the screen went haywire. It was completely scrambled. Tried to restart and it was back to the blank screen.


I figure its not worth any money to fix it. Does something like this seem more like a virus or just a malfunctioning part? Any help appreciated. TIA

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To be honest, I'm not sure but it almost sounds like your hard drive crashed.

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