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Best Draft Position in PPR?

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TNtitans    18

I'm sure this has been discussed on here but I can't find it. I have a PPR, 6 pt QB passing td, high stakes draft Wednesday night. I am currently pick #5. We are allowed to trade positions straight up.


12 teams.


Where is your ideal draft spot and why?


Thanks in advance and best of luck this season.

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MutantMike    0

I have participated in 3 money league drafts so far


#6 Love my team, PPR guys are just falling to me


#11 Nice team but I had to reach in round 3-6


#2 Ok but loved 6



I live 5-6 for some reason. "My guys" just seem to fall right to me, not much reacing except for my homeboy Brady I had to get in round 8 due to a QB run......

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robotpimp    299

depends on how many teams, I do mock drafts (or draft simulations) at the beginning of a xx team league, middle and back... it's my draft tendencies that dictate what I need to do in the upcoming rounds and with doing that I figure out where I've been liking to draft.

Usually I draft from the early 1st (RB) best available, towards the middle I may reach for Dez or comparable elite WR1 towards the end most likely the same WR1 but around the turn at the end it'll be WR/RB.. try again WR/WR .. it's that 3-4 round crop of either WR's or RB's that I get most hung up with so this year if I were in the 1-4 spots I like having a RB secured and the late 2nd early third picks.. allows RB/WR/WR or RB/RB/WR which is what I like and the guys to choose from.


PPR could favor towards the end of the first being a great spot, some people love the middle regardless because someone drafts a QB early or WR and a top 4 RB falls to the 5-6th spot and they still can catch an elite WR (AJ Green) in the second.. I like that strat as well although getting two quick picks is more my favorite regardless.

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