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BOTH IDP League has 3 Openings

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MonkeyOne    769

Hello everyone. If you're interested in IDP fantasy then BOTH league Dymonds are Forever is here to tempt you. We have three (now one) openings, info below.


URL: http://www21.myfanta...16/home/25244#0

Open Teams:

Dr. Know-So-Much
Ron Jaworski's Nickname


This is a contract league with public bidding on RFAs in the forum - think slow auctions, which add a new dimension. There's no team D or kickers, there's a full slate of IDP players and a longer rookie draft. We're in our third year, and someone's got to defeat our only champion. There's a James Bond theme, and this is the fourth league in the Bond BOTH family.


Key points: $55 a year, 16 teams, TE premium, very friendly.


Email or message me any questions, and if you know someone who's interested, please let them know.


Full Rulebook: http://forums.thehud...ook-for-daf-13/

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