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Game of Thrones Dynasty League, $100 PPR, Startup

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Starting a new startup dynasty league with bunch of Game of Thrones fans keeping the theme with the teams. All teams will be houses represented in the show where each owner will pick a house and banner from the following link here...

there will be 3 divisions: Westeros, Essos, and Sothoryos with 4 teams in each division. Winner of each division will win $150 each.

Playoffs are a full league 12 team format with div winners getting first week bye and highest overall reg season points leader of the final 9 awarded the last bye for the first week.

Additional playoff rules are listed below in the bylaws in regard to draft picks and so on.

It's a 12 team league, $100 yearly fee with 100% payout minus league fees handled thru MFL and Leaguesafe.

If you are interested feel free to message me, as of now we have 2 spots open

Scoring and bylaws are below and adjustments are being voted on in polls

General League Setup

Commissioner Email Address: Send Email To Commish

Commissioner Username(s):

Number of Franchises: 12

Number of Roster Spots: 35 (reduced to 29 during reg season 25+4 taxi)

Number of Injured Reserve Spots: 2

Number of Taxi Squad Spots: 4

Head-To-Head Matchups: Yes

Each Player can be on: 1 rosters per League

At the start of the season, rosters are determined by: On-line, long-running (email) draft, taking several days/weeks to complete.

Abilities Setup

Franchise Abilities: Submit lineups

Perform waivers / FA moves

Drop players at any time

Propose / accept trades

Make IR moves

Make Taxi Squad moves

Write league articles

Post to message board

Post to league chat and trash-talk videos

Post to bulletin board

Change franchise setup info

Create league polls

Customize home page

View 'Prev. Proc. Waivers' report

Participate in survivor pool

Participate in NFL pool

Commissioner Lockout: No, the commissioner still has the ability to view pending owner-initiated transactions.

Standings Setup

Standings Sort Criteria #1: Overall Winning Percentage

Standings Sort Criteria #2: Total Points Scored

Standings Sort Criteria #3:

Standings Sort Criteria #4:

Standings Sort Criteria #5:

Standings Sort Criteria #6:

Standings Sort Criteria #7:

Standings Sort Criteria #8:

Standings Sort Criteria #9:

Standings Sort Criteria #10:

Accounting Setup

General Scoring Setup

Calculate Fantasy Results From: Week 1 through Week 17

Number of Decimal Places For League Scoring: 2

Ties Are: Counted as ties

Starting Lineup Setup

Total Starters: 10

Number of Starting QBs: 1

Number of Starting Superflex (QB,RB,WR,TE): 1

Number of Starting RBs: 2-5

Number of Starting WRs: 3-6

Number of Starting TEs: 1-2

Number of Starting Flex: 2

Hide starting lineups from all owners until: Never hide starters.

Should owners be allowed to submit players on bye as starters? Yes

Roster Position Limits Setup

Other League Settings

Display NFL Player Injury Status? Yes

Display Top Performers/Player Stats Report? Yes

Display Rosters Report? Yes

Display NFL Opponent's Passing/Rushing Rank On Submit Lineup Page? Yes

Display NFL Bye Weeks/NFL Schedule? Yes

Display NFL News Articles?

Display NFL Free Agents on Fantasy Free Agent Lists? No

Display NFL Rookies With ® Next To Name? No

Time Zone: CT

Display "Drafted" Column on Rosters Report? No

Are league reports private (Not accessible to guests)? No

Is league home page private (Not accessible to guests)? No

Draft Setup

Draft Pick Time Limit Turned: On and set to 12:00 hours

Weekly Lineup Setup

Lineup Submission Deadline: Players Are Locked At Kickoff Of Their Game

Are Partial Lineups Allowed? NO

Waivers Setup

For purposes of the above weekly transaction limits, a week starts at: kickoff

Prevent Owners From Making ANY Waiver/Free Agent Moves Between Kickoff of that player's game and the end of the last game of the week? Yes

Blind Bidding Waivers Setup

Maximum Amount Each Owner Can Spend During The Season On Blind Bid Waivers: $200.00

All Blind Bids Must Be In Increments Of: $0.00

Minimum Blind Bid Amount: $1.00

Amount charged to blind bidding balance for each player acquired via FCFS waivers: $0.00

Should "Blind Bidding Waivers" Be Automatically Processed? Yes

Are Conditional Blind Bids Allowed? Yes

Do Winning Blind Bid Waiver Amounts Get Charged To An Owner's Accounting Report As "Real" Dollars? No

Blind Bidding Ties Are Broken By: Earliest Submitted Bid Wins

Trades Setup

When An Owner Accepts A Trade: The trade is immediately processed.

Display Trade Comments To All Owners? Yes

Allow Trades That Would Create Invalid Rosters To Go Through? No

When A Trade Causes An Invalid Roster, Allow Owner To Submit Lineup? Yes

Default Number Of Days For A Trade Proposal To Be Valid For: 3

Prevent Owners From Accepting Trades Between Kickoff of that player's game and the end of the last game of the week? Yes

Injured Reserve Setup

Player Must Be Classified As Before Being Deactivated: Ir

Can a player be deactivated when he is listed as "Suspended"? No

In case of an IR violation, prevent owner from submitting lineup? Yes

Taxi Squad Setup

Only allow NFL rookies to be on the Taxi Squad? No

Only allow players who have a bye for the upcoming week to be on the Taxi Squad? No

Once promoted, an owner cannot demote a player again to the taxi squad for: 999 days

Additional League Rules Setup

League Name

Battle for the Iron Throne



League Type

1 QB, 1 Superflex, Full PPR

Draft Type

Non-Reversal Snake for Rookie Draft

Draft Periods

Rookie Draft (within 3 weeks after NFL Rookie Draft)


$100 + hosting fees

Roster Spots


IR Spots

2 (non-roster spots)

Waiver Wire


FAAB Budget

$200 for the regular season, $200 for the off-season

Roster Lineups

1 QB

1 Superflex

2 RB

3 WR

1 TE



2 IR


11 Bench

Each roster is required to keep a minimum of one player for each defined starting position. Owners can change available roster spots by majority vote.

League Scoring




Number of Passing TDs 5 points each

Passing Yards .01 point for every 1

Pass Interceptions Thrown -2 points each

QB Sacked -1 point each

Long Passing Plays of 20+ Yards .15 points each

Long Passing Plays of 30+ Yards .3 points each

Long Passing Plays of 40+ Yards .75 points each

Long Passing Plays of 50+ Yards 1.5 points each

Passing 2 Pointers 1 point each

Number of Rushing TDs 6 points each

Rushing Yards .1 point for every 1

Rush Attempts .01 points each

Long Rushing Plays of 20+ Yards .2 points each

Long Rushing Plays of 40+ Yards .4 points each

Rushing 2 Pointers 2 points each

Number of Receiving TDs 6 points each

Receiving Yards .1 point for every 1

Receptions 1 point each

Long Receptions of 20+ Yards .2 points each

Long Receptions of 40+ Yards .4 points each

Receiving 2 Pointers 1 point each

Fumbles on Offense -2 points each

Draft Rules

Maiden Draft:

The league’s maiden draft is an e-mail (offline) draft, with each owner having 12 hours to determine their selection. For this method of drafting, league owners should choose a draft date far in advance.

If a league Owner takes more than 12 hours to draft a player (when it's their turn to choose), that Owner would allow the hosting site (MFL) to select the highest ADP ranked player as their draft choice.

Maiden Draft Rules

The league’s maiden draft would allow all owners to reserve a particular draft spot.

First, league Owners would be randomly selected to pick their draft position. Owners would declare their draft spot in a forum thread created by the Commissioner.

If a league Owner takes more than 12 hours to declare their draft spot (when it's their turn to choose), that Owner would be randomly selected to fill any remaining draft spots at the end of this process.

The league’s maiden draft would utilize a reversed, snake-style format (1-12, 12-1, 1-12, etc.) for all draft rounds.

Rookie Draft:

Draft order for the league’s annual Rookie draft (held within 3 weeks after the seasons' official NFL draft) would be determined by the Championship tournament from the previous season for the last eight draft slots (1.05 – 1.12), and the Consolation Tournament from the previous season for the first four draft slots. (1.01 – 1.04).

The Rookie draft would utilize a non-reversal, snake-style format (1-12, 1-12) for each round. (5 rounds total)

The Rookie draft would be an e-mail (offline) draft, with each owner having 12 hours to determine their selection.

If a league Owner takes more than 12 hours to draft a player (when it's their turn to choose), that Owner would allow the hosting site (MFL) to select the highest ADP ranked rookie player as their draft choice.

Free Agency

Off-season Roster Sizes:

During the offseason for existing Dynasty Teams, Owners will be allowed to fill up to 35 roster spots through trades and free agents from the available player pool.

Two separate cut events would take place prior to the start of the NFL regular season. The first cut to 28 spots would be after the 3rd week of the NFL pre-season has finished (Sunday night). The final cut to 25 spots (including TAXI) would be after the last week of the NFL pre-season has finished (Sunday night).

If Owners do not have their rosters trimmed down by the League's cut-off dates, the Commissioner can move players from the Owner's roster to the free agency pool, starting with the Owners' last drafted player (ex: for 25 player rosters, only the players' first 25 draft picks would be retained)

Waiver Wire

During the regular season, there are two waiver periods. The first waiver period utilizes a FAAB (Free Agent Acquisition Budget) blind bidding process, and the second waiver period uses a “First Come, First Served” method once the first waiver period has expired.

These waiver periods last through Week 17 of the regular season. Waivers would not be allowed after the calendar year ends.

Players that are released to the waiver wire would be eligible for pickup during the next FAAB waiver wire period.

Free Agent Acquisition Budget Waiver Claims:

FAAB blind bidding waivers would start on Tuesday at 2:00 AM ET, allowing each league owner to bid on available free agents.

The FAAB would have a set amount set aside for acquiring players during the restricted waiver period. Blind bids would be submitted by each owner for particular players they would like to acquire.

The starting budget for each season would be $200 unless adjusted by majority vote prior to the start of the regular season.

The order of FAAB waiver priority is determined by highest bid, with tying bids pitting Overall Winning Percentage records for first priority. Waivers continue within this process, with the order of desired players in an Owner's cue being addressed until all waiver claims have been processed.

The deadline for FAAB blind bidding on free agents is Wednesday at 11:00 PM CT. First come, first served waivers would begin immediately afterward.

First Come, First Served Waivers:

After the restricted FAAB period has ended, owners can submit a regular waiver claim for an available free agent after protected waivers clear on Wednesday.

Regular waiver claims for free agents during this non-restricted, first come-first serve period are available until kickoff time of the free agents’ particular game.

Off-season Waivers:

The period for off-season waivers begins after the first weekend following the NFL Rookie Draft through the beginning of the regular season.

Off-season waivers would occur during the 1st & 15th of every month, starting in May and continuing through the week before the start of the NFL regular season.

Waivers during this period of time would be blind bid in nature, adopting the weekly waiver schedule used during the regular season outlined above. Only non-rostered, non-rookie players would be considered available for this period of time.

Off-season waivers would utilize a FAAB system, adopting the regular season budget ($200) for this period. Offseason waiver FAAB budgets do not carry over to the regular season, with any remaining balance zeroed before the regular season starts.

First come, first served waivers would not be available during the offseason. All waiver claims would be blind bid in nature.

Scoring System

The league scoring system would be determined by league owners prior to the start of the regular season. Owners are encouraged to adopt a standardized system of point accrual, with variations based on preferences voted on by majority rule.


Tiebreakers would reference each team's total touchdown count as an alternative method of scoring H2H matchups. If these totals are also tied, total bench points would be a secondary method of scoring.

Regular Season

Week 1 - 12, H2H matchups


Week 13-15, Championship & Consolation final matchup Week 16-17 with combined score determining the winners

Playoff Rules

Playoff brackets wil feature all 12 teams in a Championship bracket ranked by Divison winners by win percentage for first 3 bye games and most total points for the season of the remaining 9 teams for the 4th bye. The following 8 teams will be ranked by overall win percentage seeded 5-12. Four playoff wk1 winning teams move on to play bye teams. Four playoff wk1 losing teams are placed in Consolation bracket to compete for Rookie Draft pick position ranked by two worst overall win percentage teams to matchup against each other and two better overall win percentage to matchup against each other. Winner of consolation bracket awarded rookie pick 1.01, second 1.02, winner of two losing teams awarded 1.03, loser receives 1.04.

Championship bracket rookie picks are based off overall in percentage of playoff wk2 losing teams from worst receiving 1.05 to best receiving 1.08

Losing teams of playoff wk3 will complete for rookie picks 1.09 & 1.10

Losing team of championship game received rookie pick 1.11, and winner of the league will receive 1.12

Championship Bracket:

The top 3 division winning teams by record are the top seeds and receive first-round byes ranked by win percentage with tie breaker being overall points scored. Remaining overall points scored during the regular season will receive final bye

The remaining 8 playoff teams will complete in tradition bracket system ranked by win percentage tie breakers being overall points scored during regular season.

Playoff Schedule:

Week 13: Round One

Teams seeded #5-#12 will complete H2H.

Week 14: Round Two

The four losing playoff teams play consolation bracket. Lowest regular season win percentage against second lowest, Highest against second highest.

Winners move on to play bye teams.

Week 15: Round Three

Championship winners complete against each other for final matchup and third place matchup

Consolation losing teams compete for draft order, winning teams compete for their draft order

Week 16: Round Four

Losing teams matchup to play for for rookie draft order and 3rd place

Winning teams compete in the championship game for their first week point totals

Week 17: Round Five

Second week scoring for championship game with highest of two week scoring team winning league championship and loser receiving second place. ((in the rare likelyhood of a tie even with a 2 decimal system championship round teams will select 1 player off their roster competing in the NFL playoffs with the highest scoring player being the tie breaker.))


The league payout structure is as follows: (although subject to change based on league vote)

Division Winners:

Each division winner will Receive $200

Remaining balance will paid out:

1st: 55% of total

2nd: 25% of total

3rd: 10% of total

Total Team Accumulated Points (Weeks 1-16): 10% of total

Trade Rules

Owners are encouraged to conduct trading throughout the offseason and for the first part of the regular season. Trading between teams would be unavailable from Week 12-17 of the regular season.

All trades are expected to be executed in good faith and with the goal of improving one’s roster over the short or long-term.

All trades which are mutually approved by both Owners are automatically approved without league or Commissioner consideration. The Commissioner reserves the right to nullify a trade if collusion or gross imbalance is apparent.

Trade Protest -

Any owner may protest a trade by posting in the league forum. A trade protest must be seconded/supported by another league owner for a league-wide approval vote to occur. A trade protest vote needs a 2/3 majority of all owners to pass. If it does pass, it nullifies the proposed trade.

League Owners are allowed one trade protest per year. Seconding/supporting another owner's trade protest counts as a trade protest.

If a trade protest vote is successful, the Owner and Seconding/supporting Owner are allowed to challenge another trade in the same calendar year.

If a trade protest vote is unsuccessful, both the Owner and Seconding/supporting Owner lose their ability to protest a trade for the remainder of the year.

Trading future draft picks:

For the League's maiden draft, Owners would be allowed to trade various draft positions to other teams without having to deposit an additional entry fee for the following year.

For future drafts, trades may include future draft picks for the next two calendar years. Both teams that agree to trade future year draft picks two seasons in advance must submit an additional deposit towards that season's entry fee within 1 week of the trade being processed.

Trading Taxi Squad Players:

Owners can use Taxi Squad players for trading and trade bait purposes throughout the year. If an Owner acquires a Taxi Squad player in a trade and has a full Taxi Squad, said Owner must have an available bench spot to accommodate the Taxi Squad player.

Trading FAAB:

Owners can use their FAAB budgets for trading and trade bait purposes during the NFL regular season, and during the offseason (using a separate FAAB budget for blind bidding outlined in another section).

The period for using FAAB for trades during the NFL off-season starts the first weekend of the NFL Rookie Draft, and ends with the beginning of the NFL pre-season.

The period for using FAAB for trades for the NFL regular season starts with the beginning of the NFL pre-season, and ends at the end of Week 12 of the regular season.

Only the current year's FAAB can be used in trade

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