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Yahoo Missing Stat Corrections

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So I've been looking through more of Yahoo's Stat Corrections. Here are some of the stat corrections Yahoo didn't make.

Freeman Week 6: -Solo, -FF

Mccourty Week 6: +1 PD

Zach Brown Week 6: +Solo

Zach Brown Week 5: +2 Assists

Preston Brown Week 5: -1 Solo, +2 Assists

Tahir Whitehead Week 4: +1 Solo, +3 Assists

I've been on Chats and Emails with Yahoo regarding incorrect stat corrections. They claim these inaccuracies are due to them not getting the stat correction in time from the NFL. Even though ESPN has all the stat corrections in perfectly. Yahoo is obviously lying to me and there's a problem with their software.

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I've heard about this too, there's a big discussion about it in one of my six Yahoo IDP leagues.

I guess once the next week's games have begun, the previous week's stats are finalized by Yahoo and are then not subject to revision. I guess if you see this from Yahoo's perspective, they'd rather have a handful of IDP league players complaining about this issue than a whole lot of H2H team owners much more vociferously complaining about losing Wins.

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