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what to do w/ my TE spot....

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Say1or    17

I currently have both Jordan Reed and Zach Miller on my roster, but both are on bye this week. I don't have anyone on my bench that I feel comfortable picking up, but I'm going to have to drop someone to prevent taking a 0 at the position this week.


Would you drop the Cardinals D, Miller, or D. Adams in order to pick up a TE? I have the #4 WW claim next week, so hoping I can pick up whoever I have to let go.


Available TEs are:






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slambo    84

drop the Cards


I'm leaning towards Ebron. I'm in the same boat with Gronk & Bennett on bye. Both Gates & Ebron are available I'm going with Ebron because its a ppr league. Of late, Gates seems to be more of a goal line target with not many catches.

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colkurtz    133

I don't like carrying 2 TEs past their bye but yours are good enough that it's probably worth to as a defensive play. I would never carry 2 defenses. Play your best one and stream if you have to. Points are mainly from turnovers and sacks -- highly variable -- and the top defenses have inflated numbers from defensive/ST touchdowns.... even more variable. Drop the cards and take a chance on Gates.

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