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What is my biggest weakness on this team?

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12 team .5ppr, 4pt per passing td keeper league where you start 1qb, 2rbs, 2 wrs, 1 te and 1 flex. I'm currently only 5-4 and in the middle of the pack in points, but in 1st place in my division with a 1 game lead. We can trade draft picks in next year's draft for players and I'm tempted to do so, but not sure where I should focus on improving.


My starting lineup is currently...

QB-Russell Wilson

RB-Latavius Murray, Isiah Crowell (with Asiata, James White, Alfred Morris on the bench)

WR-AJ Green, Odell Beckham (with Edelman, Terrence Williams and JJ Nelson on the bench)

TE-Jordan Reed

Flex-Tyler Eifert (or Edelman)


I'm obviously set at WR and TE. Looks like Murray is hopefully a low-end RB1/high-end RB2. I could do worse than Eifert at Flex. I'm thinking my biggest weakness is either a lack of a top RB (although I might be ok playing matchups between Crowell and James White) or QB. This is a keeper league where everyone keeps 2 players, so these are probably the players I might be able to get...

QB-Jameis, Luck, Carr, Ryan, Stafford

RB-Ware, Doug Martin


Which guys do you think would provide the biggest improvements for the price (for example, I know Luck is the best QB out of the guys available, but would also cost the most. Should I go for someone like Jameis who I could probably get for much cheaper)


Thanks in advance

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Wilson is not a QB1.

You don't have a true RB1.


Use Eifert or Reed to fix one of the above.

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