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Week 17 championship advice

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drave199    5
Posted (edited)

So yes, we have a game in week 17. It's the total of the last 2 weeks and I have a 36 point lead. But Bell is out and Mariota is out. My starters are


Stafford, D. Johnson, D. Murray, DMAX, Pitta, Rawls, Chiefs D


I need one more flexible guy. Choices are Ware, Hopkins, Deangelo Williams, Theilenterprise, or Meredith. Ware is still questionable and hasn't done a whole lot anyway lately. Everyone else is sort of boom or bust. I'm tempted to go with Theilen because he always seems to get targets. I have a good lead but my guys could just put up goose eggs. It might come down to the last game because he has Aaron Rodgers vs my Stafford.would be nice to still have a decent lead going into that game.

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pads06    0

I'd go with Meredith myself. Out of all those you listed, I feel he'll contribute the most. Ware is banged up, Hopkins has been a bust and will probably sit a part of the game, Williams will probably just make a guest appearance tomorrow. Anyways, good luck

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