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Auction league keeper advice

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We keep 1 player from the previous season. You get $150 at the onset to draft a minimum of 14 players, with a max of 17 on the roster. The only rule for keeping a player is that if you choose to keep him, his price goes up $5 from the previous year.


Which of these guys would you consider keeping if you were me? The prices next to them are what I would have to pay NEXT year.


Luck $26

Wilson $29

Blount $11

Rawls $27

OBJ $40

Cooper $18

R. Matthews $9


Its a full PPR league with performance bonuses added in. I really want to keep Beckham, but $40 is a lot. Right now I'm thinking about keeping Blount. Thanks for any advice!

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$40 is a bunch for OBJ, and I really don't trust the guy throwing balls to him. But he's worth that in a 12-team league. I'd consider OBJ, Cooper, Rishard Matthews, and possibly Ware (but not likely, esp. in full PPR). Cooper and Matthews are good value, but OBJis one of the best.

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