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Fantasy Football Apocalypse returns!

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FF Apocalypse was a 32 team, 2 conference Dynasty, Started in 2012. Last year we lost our commish to a new job, and upcoming family.

We are currently rebuilding for the 2017 Season.


Out of 32 teams, 26 have already returned, so we currently have available 6 Orphan Teams.


60$ a Year, plus a ONE TIME 25$ graphics fee this year, for team Page w/captain, Helmet and Icon . (Done by Agent575 @ MyFantasyGraphics)


IDP ,Traditionally 42 man rosters, with 5 Taxi, and 3 IR,...And a 5 round annual rookie draft. However, this year we are doing a One Time Keeper scenario. Keeping 20 players from the 2015 rosters, and doing a 22 round redisbursal Draft in Mid May, including 2 years of rookies plus all available free agents.

This is a Great opportunity to get into one of the most UNIQUE Leagues you'll ever find, and at a time when everyone is rebuilding, Its almost like starting in a fresh redraft, but with keepers.


The Rules Section is both extensive, and IN-Depth, so please have an understanding before responding. That said, almost ALL of our significant rules changes have, and will continue to be, determined by league majority. We poll almost anything that affects the entire league. this group has been together fro a long time, But are Very Hardcore FF'ers. We have decided on a 3 commisioner committee, and have help online almost constantly, in case of emergencies.


Please feel free to take a look, and see if this is something your interested in here =



You can contact me at

Or our Commish in charge of Teams/Rosters at



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