Startup 32 Team IDP GM Style Dynasty League

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League Features:

• Dues $100 per season.

• League Dues Held in League Safe

• 32 Teams, 2 conferences, 8 Divisions realigned each year to improve league parity

• 25% of dues held per year for 5 Year Super Pool Grand Prize of $4,000.

• Back to Back Champions Win Super Pool Amount to Date, if won then the pool restarts.

• Yearly awards: Super Bowl Champion, Super Bowl Runner Up, Super Bowl Playoff Teams, Highest Scoring Offense and Defense, and Best Regular Season Record.

• Custom Balanced Scoring for Offense and Defense: Not QB heavy, decent value for CBs and DTs not just LBs

• One player copy per league for more realism.

• Full 53 Man maximum Roster size, 10-man taxi squad, 10-man Injured Reserve.

• $168 Million Salary Cap adjusting to NFL number, 1-5 year contracts.

• Inaugural Draft, Annual Free Agent Auction, Annual and Inaugural Rookie Draft.

• Apply Franchise and Transition tags to your players, manage player holdouts.

• 21 Starters: 1-QB, 2-3 RB, 3-4 WR, 1-2 TE,1 PK, 1-2 DT, 2 DEs, 3-4 LBs, 2 CBs, 2 Safeties.

• To promote and incentivize roster building instead of submitting lineups each week, the optimal lineup will be compiled of the top scorers from each position. This makes building a complete roster important; for example, you get rewarded if your LB5 randomly happens to have a big week.

• 12 team super bowl (winners bracket) playoff configuration – 6 Teams Per Conference (Four division winners and Two Wildcards per conference)

• 12 team Mediocre Bowl Playoff – Middle 6 teams per conference battle it out for the 5th Overall Draft pick.

• 8 team Toilet Bowl Playoff Bracket – Bottom 4 Teams Per Conference – Battle for the number 1 overall draft pick in the rookie draft, the rest of the draft order in reverse order of the standings

• Annual Rookie draft

• Annual Free Agent Auction.

• Weekly Blind Bidding waiver system Sun – Wed, followed by first come, first serve.

• 3 League Commissioners: 1 per conference, 1 league commissioner.

• Majority league wide vote for rule additions and subtractions.

• In-depth League Bylaws

• Looking for serious long term owners ready to compete in an in immersive, challenging, and realistic GM style fantasy football experience.

Send an email address if interested. Thanks

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