28 Team, 3rd yr Dynasty League w/IDP, Superflex, Contracts, Dual-Copy, Tags, & Custom Graphics!

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Hello all,
I am the commish of a Gangland themed dynasty league, with custom graphics and an integrated forum. We are entering our 3rd year and need 5 active owners. This is a dynasty, IDP league with contracts (no salaries), tags, rookie draft, super flex, and an uniquely even scoring system across all offensive and defensive positions, 6 year contract max, taxi squads, etc... 


A dispersal draft will be held with all players and picks available among the teams below. This draft will take place as soon as all news owners are found.

The League Constitution:

There are many young studs on these teams as well as the 2017 1.01 that is up for grabs. 

I am looking for active, engaged owners who have a passion for year-round fantasy football. Experience in dynasty and IDP is a must. You must be the type who likes being responsive to league emails, trade proposals and checking the site often. I'm not looking to hold hands for people who need it so they can mindlessly go through the motions of a dynasty league. We are weeding out inactive owners and bringing in fresh blood who are excited to join the league and participate. 

League fee is $125/year. 100% payouts minus $7.15 per team for MFL fees and graphic updates. A $50 refundable deposit is required in order to try and make sure that if/when you leave the league, you leave in good standing. It will be refunded once a replacement team is found. A one time $25 custom graphics fee is also required to customize your team page. This goes directly to our graphics guy. Therefore, your initial amount due when you join is $200, and $125 each subsequent year. We use Paypal to avoid the extra fees, we've all played together for a long time and everyone gets paid what they've earned.

Everyone in this league is 30 and older and we all get along. No drama!

In any event, if you are interested, please send me an email at and let me know your FF experience and why you think you would be a great fit for the league. Looking forward to speaking with you. Thanks for reading.


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