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For those who think IDP gets the shaft

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Are you tired of people hating IDP? Treating it like it's that awkward kid in the corner picking his boogers and wiping them on his pants? Wish somewhere... somehow... there was a league the respected IDP for being more than just a "moped"?


I thought so too. I made an IDP dynasty league that respects defense, tells Kickers to shut the hell up and stay home, and makes you wonder if you should be taking that defense guy in the 1st round of the startup draft because they have THAT much respect. Three defensive players in the top-25 in scoring for 2016.


Really though, I'm looking for at least one person to round out my startup (situation is fluid, you know how it is). We have 9 owners FULLY PAID, so it's not just a pipe dream. It's a 12-team IDP with the following features:

Double-header schedule
.5 PPR / .5 PPFD (first downs)
Kickers are worthless... not used
Taxi squad stealing
Great guys

No easily offended people please. I am personally a saint, but I have seen some of the things that come out of the fingertips of these degenerates. Despicable, really.


$135/yr with a $75 one-time deposit in year 1 to allow for future trading and to help find replacement owners. If you need to see any more, head to the Danger Zone!


Email me at: or leave a note here!

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Alright peeps. Team 12 just had "basement issues" and has backed out. We literally have 11 paid members just waiting on one to make it happen for us.


You will be hailed as a hero when you join. Believe me...


Reach out sooner than later.


NOW! Please?

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