14 team Start-Up IDP Dynasty League ($20 Leaguesafe)

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League fee: $20 via LeagueSafe

-Facebook Group Page for further trade discussions, general Dynasty info
-Kentucky Derby Style Draft: (All 14 teams are thrown into a random order generator for positioning. Then the first person selected by the generator gets to decide what draft slot they want during the draft. Then the 2nd person gets to pick a draft slot. Then the 3rd person selected gets to choose a draft slot etc. Unfortunately the person with pick 14 gets what is left over so they don't get to choose.)
-Rules: http://www.fleaflicker.com/nfl/leagues/190816/rules
-TE Premium Scoring (1.5 ppr), WR (1.0 ppr), RB (.5 ppr/.25 per carry), QB (5pt/TD, 1pt per 20yds)
-5 IR slots
-18 Starters/ 17 Bench (1QB, 1RB, 2WR, 3Flex, 1TE, 1K, 3LB, 3DL, 3DB)
-30+ keepers 
-5 rd rookie draft after yr one
-Toilet Bowl Prize (Whoever wins the consolation bracket gets a theoretical pick 1.15)
-Tanking Rule: You must have a complete lineup in for all games unless there are bye week or injury issues. You are encouraged to use your best players whenever possible. 
-There is a $100 waiver budget (fake dollars) to spend on waiver picks throughout the season.

League Prize: 1st-$250, 2nd-$20

Anyone interested Please send me your Full Name and email address so that I can send the official invite. Dedicated dynasty owners only!

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