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Salary cap league + auctions @ MFL issue

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A League i used to be apart of just let me know about this issue @ MFL


 In any case, here's the issue:

1. We typically have our leagues setup as "Long running email draft" leagues in the General League Setup section. However, since MFL upgraded, it appears that when you have this selected, Auctions are not available.

2. I changed the setting to "Email Auction" league for one of my leagues, and edited the Calendar to make sure auctions work. The good news is they do.  The bad news is, now MFL thinks you don't do drafts. Since MFL thinks you don't do drafts, the current year (2017) draft picks disappear from your list of tradeable assets when you go to propose a trade. (Fortunately, when you toggle back to Long running email draft league the draft picks correctly re-appear).

So, at this moment we're stumped on how we can have both auctions and draft pick trading on at the same time. Brian has reached out to MFL, who suggested we hold off and check back on Friday, but they've taken longer to make all the other fixes, so it may take longer than that.  If it appears this issue will hold us back for more than a week or two, we'll be looking at other options, and will keep you informed

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