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16 team IDP salary cap start-up

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After launching TRANSFORMERS last year a big play, salary cap idp dynasty league as a 12 team league, several owners and I talked about doing it again as a 16 team league.  With approx 9 owners already on board i am looking for a few more



$30 (USD) league safe

45 man roster

10 man ts

7 round draft

40 round start-up draft 

19 starters, 11 idp

te premium

fixed salary cap, with raises each year for players

no years cap, but 7 year max contract

fa drops, all other drops count towards cap - accelerated cuts prior to week 1 only

FP and 1 contract renegotiation each year


The following is a link to the original 12 team league

 Its scoring

its rules

can be found in Transformers2 - in Other FF leagues


Pm, or leave a message for more info





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1st round of invites just went out, hoping we can start drafting in about a month, 

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1 hour ago, MudSkipper said:

Still need owners? I'd like to join!



 Send me your email address



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