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32-Team Cap/Contract Dynasty League for Analytics-Lovers

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The Analytics Dynasty League is an analytics-minded, 32-team cap-and-contract dynasty fantasy league modeled to simulate real NFL team management. The ADL is a full-IDP money league with an analytics-based scoring system that creates NFL-like player valuations. Our target fantasy player is the competitive, active fantasy football addict who wants the most realistic NFL General Manager experience possible.


As 2016 was our inaugural year, a number of rookie owners decided the league was too involved for them. As a result, we have 7 orphaned franchises available this season. Of those franchises, 5 are in the NFC and 2 in the AFC. We will run a 5-team Replacement Owner Draft in the NFC and a 2-team Replacement Owner Draft in the AFC involving all orphaned assets (players, draft picks, waiver positions, etc.) to allow new owners maximum customization of their new franchise.


We have run this same league format as a redraft league for 4 years now. In that time, we’ve honed our process and developed a strong league culture. Our redraft league was featured on RotoViz's "The Numbers Game Podcast" on July 16, 2015 because of our innovative approach to a more realistic fantasy football format. Find the discussion here.


League Home

League Bylaws



* $100 league fee; 100% payout; $3,060 in total prize money via fair/rewarding payout structure; LeagueSafe majority payout.


* 32 teams divided among 2 conferences (NFC and AFC), each with its own player universe (the AFL functions as two parallel 16-team leagues until the league Super Bowl)


* 12 week intra-conference regular season w/ 4 “Bonus Games” = NFL-like 16-game regular season

* 4 week, 12-team NFL-like postseason; weeks 13 through 16


* 45 player Active Team, 30 player Injured Reserve

* Start 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 RB/WR/TE, 1 PK, 1 PN, 1 DT, 2 DE, 2 LB, 2 CB, 2 S, 2 DT/LB/CB/S, 1 DT/DE/LB/CB/S


* Free Agent Auction + Rookie Draft.
* $147.0m salary cap & 100 years contract cap.

* Weighted/Balanced scoring format; i.e., all positions are valuable, and proportional to NFL value (i.e. QB > RB)

Our tentative 2017 offseason schedule:
Replacement Owner Drafts: March 22-27

Franchise Tags, Buyout Clauses, RFA Tenders Due: April 3

Buyout & Franchise Tag Auction: April 4-10

Restricted Free Agent Auction: April 11-17
Rookie Draft: May 2-8
Undrafted Rookie Auction: May 9-13

Unrestricted Free Agent Auction: June 12


For complete details, please refer to the official Bylaws link above


Franchises are awarded via first-come-first-served to paying league members who pass our application process.


Please email me at fili (dot) mikey (at) gmail (dot) com if interested in joining our community.


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It seems like there are a few owners in the league unhappy with commissioner rule abuses last year?

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We recently had one more franchise open up, as one of our replacement owners was disqualified for inactivity. Looking for a very active owner who is not afraid of aggressively rebuilding a dynasty team. Please submit an application ASAP to fili (dot) mikey (at) gmail (dot) com to take over the Tampa Bay franchise. 

This franchise is FREE for the 2017 season as you rebuild, but requires a $50 deposit toward the 2018 season as a gesture of long-term commitment to the league. You would be required to trade and drop your way below the salary cap in the next 7 days, when many of our auctions start up.


p.s. @Krytie TV I assure you that if you email/poll our league owners, the commissioner approval rating will be well over 80%, but yes we do have a couple owners who did not like a couple of our decisions in response to unforseen software issues with MFL last season. We retained 25 of 32 owners in the first year of VERY intense/involved league (and most who left did so thanking us for a great experience, realizing the league was too involved for their availability), so we will let that speak for itself. 

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