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Discount Orphans for Replacement Owners Draft available - Legends of the Gridiron

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Legends of the Gridiron was created to loosely mimic "FFPC high stakes Dynasty leagues". The league is a consortium of 8 individual leagues of 12 teams each.

All teams have 20 roster spots – 3 DTS – 3 IR spots (DTS not FFPC standard)

QB, 2 RB, 2WR, TE, 2Flex (RB/WR/TE), K , DEF


FFPC scoring

Active trading encouraged

2 BB waiver periods each week with $1000 blind bid waiver dollars

1 FCFS waiver period each week (Not FFPC standard)

Offseason roster cut-down. Teams protect 16 players each year before the start of the annual 7 rd rookie/FA draft.

Regular season- 13 H2H matchups. Play 9 teams once, and 2 teams twice

Weekly standings determined using Victory points system. 4 Victory points up for grabs each week, 2 VP for a win, and 2 for fantasy points scored.

Seeds 1 and Seeds 2 from each league will earn Immunity in Week 14 of the League Playoffs.

During Week 14, Seeds 3, 4, 5, and 6 in each league compete in total points competition.  The two teams which score the most points during Week 14 will advance in the League Playoffs. The remaining two teams are eliminated.

During Week 15 and 16, Seeds 1 and 2, as well as the two Seeds which advanced from Week 14 compete in a 2-week total points competition.  The team which scores most points during Weeks 15 & 16 will be crowned League Champion.  The league pays out 12 spots see prize money for more details.

All 8 leagues are competing for a piece of the same prize pool each year, and a super pot to be paid at year 6.

6th year super prize pool: Each year 50% the main prize pool will be held in escrow by On the 6th year, all teams will be playing for a piece of the $20275 super prize pool.


League 1 has 2 openings for a 3 team replacement owners draft

League 4 has 2 openings for a 4 team replacement owners draft

League 5 has 2 openings for a 5 team replacement owners draft

The link below has 3 tabs, 1 for each league, and shows all players and picks available

all available draft picks will also be available, you can see them here


All 6 teams are now offered at a 50% discount for the 2017 entry fee.

Total cost to enter, $91.25.   $30 for 2017, + $61.25 refundable team deposit


The entry fee is $61.25 + a refundable $61.25 deposit is required. The yearly entry fee of $61.25 for the subsequent seasons will be due by Feb 28th of each year. Teams are required to be paid up 2 years in advance at all times. This enables teams to trade future year draft picks without the hassle of a deposit and eliminates the required work to keep up with that. Entry fees held at Payout distributions are by majority approval. In the 6th year (2020), your team deposit will count as your entry fee and no funds will be due. All funds will be held by In the unlikely event that the league dissolves before the 6yr, all funds will be distributed equally to all team owners who distributed to the funds.


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