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100$ Buy in / 12-Team / .5 PPR / 2 Flex / Redraft ESPN / Leaguesafe Majority Approval

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2nd year league which started as a free league.


It is already half full although everybody left because they did not want to play for money.


The draft will be Thursday August 31 at 20:30 EST.


Draft date and time are set in stone.


The 4 playoff teams will be in the money. The payout structure will remain in the league manager's note all year: 
1st place 500$ 
2nd Place 325$ 
3rd Place 225$ 
4th Place 150$ 


Email me at if you would like to reserve a spot early. Specify which league as to avoid confusion.


I will be able to register you on ESPN and leaguesafe right away as the league is ready to go.


However I will only be able to put the finishing touch on the settings when ESPN starts the fantasy season in the spring.


The changes to the 2016 settings are listed in the manager's notes which you can access once your team has been registered.





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