Looking for 2 more teams in CBS $250 10 team head to head league - draft is april 4th at 8:30pm eastern time

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This is a 250 dollar CBS league. We will have 10 teams. All money, less the 130 cbs league fee, is paid out to the winners. We use leaguesafe to jobs our funds and expect immediate payment for anyone new joining the league to confirm you are a serious player. Any questions please text me at 708-860-6362 or email me at - 


I can send you an invite to come onto the page and check it out. This will be our 7th season in this league, Here are some details below about the league....



League Name TCF Bank
League Password Jefferson Park
League URL
League E-mail Address
Teams 8
League Entry Fee $250
Active Players 15 15  
Reserve Players 0 10  
Injured Players 0 3  
Minors Players 0 0  
Total Players 15 28  
C 1 1  
1B 1 1  
2B 1 1  
3B 1 1  
SS 1 1  
OF 3 3  
DH 1 1  
SP 5 5 10
RP 1 1 2
Illegal rosters score zero points in standings.
Injured players do not count against positional roster limits.
Lineup Policy Owners may set lineups and change players' positions from a list of their eligible positions.
Lineup Deadline Lineups are set for each period. Deadline for each player is 5 minutes before gametime on the first game of the period for that player.
DL Options Only players who are on the disabled list may be placed into Injured status.
Add/Drop Policy Add/Drops are handled by a waivers process.
Waivers Run The waiver process runs on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.
Waiver Reset The waiver order resets after each weeks' games.
Waiver Period Dropped players remain on waivers for at least 1 day(s).
Trade Policy Trades must be approved by the commissioner.
Trade Deadline No trades can be made after the trade deadline of 11:59 pm et 8/18/17.
Offseason Trades Owners may not make trades during the offseason.
Player Eligibility Players are eligible at their primary position, plus positions they've played 5 games last year or 5 games this year.
SP Pitcher Eligibility Pitchers gain eligibility at Starting Pitcher with 1 start last year or 1 start this year.
RP Pitcher Eligibility Pitchers gain eligibility at Relief Pitcher with 10 relief appearances last year or 10 relief appearances this year.
DH Eligibility Everyone is eligible at DH.
Player Pool AL and NL Players.
League Entry Fee 250
Welcome to TCF Bank! The league's commissioner can use this space to keep owners informed about important decisions, events or anything that requires everyone's attention. Check this message frequently in case there is an important announcement.
Draft Format Live Draft
Draft Order Type Snake
Draft Date/Time 4/4/17 08:30 pm ET
Draft Rounds 25 Rounds, with 120 seconds between picks.
Draft Robot enabled - picks are made automatically for teams that let the clock expire.
1B Singles 1 point
2B Doubles 2 points
3B Triples 3 points
BB Walks (Batters) 1 point
CI Catcher Interference 1 point
CS Caught Stealing -1 point
CYC Hitting for the Cycle 10 points
GDP Ground Into Double Plays -2 points
GSHR Grand Slam Home Runs 4 points
HP Hit by Pitch 1 point
HR Home Runs 4 points
IB Intentional Walks 1 point
KO Strikeouts (Batter) -1 point
R Runs 1 point
RBI Runs Batted In 1 point
SB Stolen Bases 1 point
SH Sacrifice Hits .5 points
B Balks -1 point
BS Blown Saves -2 points
CG Complete Games 5 points
ER Earned Runs -1 point
HB Hit Batsmen -.5 points
INN Innings .5 points
K Strikeouts (Pitcher) 1 point
L Losses -5 points
NH No-Hitters 15 points
PG Perfect Games 30 points
PKO Pick Offs 1 point
QS Quality Starts 3 points
S Saves 6 points
SO Shutouts 10 points
W Wins 10 points
Period Length Weekly scoring periods, starting on Mondays
Periods Start Monday
Season Starts Sun, Apr 2, 2017
Matchups Per Period 1
Playoffs Start Period 23
Playoffs Last 3 Periods
Automatic Playoffs No
Archive Standings Yes
Standings Tiebreaker Ties in the standings are resolved in this order: Winning Percentage, Total Points, Head to Head Record, Division Record, Points Against (Schedule Difficulty).
Division Winner Tiebreaker Ties for division winner are resolved using standings tiebreakers
Playoffs Matchup Tiebreaker Playoff ties go to the team with better H.

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