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Dynasty League needs 4 Football Fanatics. Hit me up NOW!

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Tired of wasting your time and efforts into a sub-par league? Look no further!


We are currently in the negotiations of voting on a four team expansion. That

change will make this a 20-team League. So I am reaching out to experienced

owners out there looking to jump in and call this league home.


We are entering our 9th year.

This is a Franchise dynasty fantasy football league that also incorporates

keepers, PPR and a IDP style format. All members are expected to read and
have a firm understanding of the rules and how the league operates. This league
allows members to take on all the roles of a NFL general manager and take
control of drafting, trading, releasing, adding, tagging, keeping players and
making key offseason moves required to build a successful dynasty! We play for
true keeps. Champion earns the right to receive a one of a kind Vince Lombardi
trophy. This is probably your only chance to earn one. Runner up receives a
personalized stunning replica of either the Lamar hunt trophy or George s.
Halas trophy. All of which are worthy of championship material. Entry fee is
currently $57. I’m looking for owners who want to play for something other than
money. THIS IS fantasy football at its best, so if this catches your interest,
then this league might be for you. I’ve got a strong group of guys, all of who are
crazy competitive.


Home page:    http://www62.myfanta...17/home/38190#0


EMAIL ME if you are interested ASAP.

yours truly


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